What we do

Curiosity Collider provides an inclusive community hub for curious innovators from any discipline. Our non-profit foundation, based in Vancouver, Canada, fosters participatory partnerships between science & technology, art & culture, business communities, and educational foundations to inspire new ways to experience science. The Collider’s growing community supports and promotes the daily relevance of science with our events and projects. Curiosity Collider is a catalyst for collaborations that seed and grow engaging science communication projects.

How it works

Be inspired by the curiosity of others. Our Curiosity Collider events cross disciplinary lines to promote creative inspiration. Meet scientists, visual and performing artists, culinary perfectionists, passionate educators, and entrepreneurs who share a curiosity for science.

Help us create curiosity for science. Spark curiosity in others with your own ideas and projects. Get in touch with us and use our curiosity events to showcase how your work creates innovative new ways to experience science.

Who we are

Theresa Liao PhotoTheresa Liao is the Communications Coordinator for the Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of British Columbia. She is usually busy planning science conferences and public events, writing/editing research stories, running after physics summer camp kids, and managing the department’s website and social media channels. After work, she goes home to write about science outreach, communications, and women in science on her blog Science, I Choose You; she also helps with outreach/tech responsibilities for Science Borealis, a Canadian Science Blogging network.

She has 10 years of experience in science outreach, and attended the Banff Science Communications Program in 2012. Before her Science Communication career, she studied biochemistry and did research about Type 1 Diabetes for her Master’s degree.


Shelley McIvor PhotoShelley McIvor is inspired by the human experience of science and technology—both in celebrating success and analyzing lessons learned. Since 2004, her international consulting practice has helped science and engineering-based disciplines bring relevant communication strategy and content to their audiences in a variety of corporate, government, private, and non-profit contexts. Shelley merges her BSc in chemistry and MSc in technical communication with a professional toolbox of multi-disciplinary techniques from a broad range of practices—technical writing, user experience and consultation, instructional design, project management, and quality assurance evaluation.

Her experimental nature has led to nomadic work-life adventures in 40 countries over two decades. Home is officially Vancouver Island.


Char Hoyt PhotoChar Hoyt grew up in BC’s beautiful Fraser Valley. Immersing herself in the arts at an early age, she used drawing both as an outlet and a tool to understand her environment. Since graduating from Emily Carr in 1997 not much has changed. She went on to explore a number of different creative endeavors, becoming an active member of the Vancouver underground art scene. As of 2007, Hoyt’s work began to evolve into highly developed, large scale oil paintings that explore some of the deepest mysteries of modern physics.

Revealing nature invisible to the naked eye, Hoyt layers space and time creating new hybrid worlds where all levels of dimension co-exist – unified realms highlighting the complexity and interconnectedness of life on all scales. Her work balances on the edge of chaos and control, reflecting the cyclical and transformative nature of our Universe.